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We hope you enjoy reading our blog from Big Book Media, we write from our shoots in Morocco where we are currently filming the Gospels. We have been out on three shoots already and the footage is up on our website - We are going on our next shoot shortly so Shoot Four News will be along soon.

In the meantime we have details of what we are doing in the UK between shoots, we have an office in Brighton where the blog comes from when it's not from Ouarzazate - two very different locations!

Thanks for reading.

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Filming the Gospels

Filming the Gospels
The Team in Ouzarzazate, Morocco

Monday, 29 March 2010

CRE Buzz

Hi all

It has been pretty hectic in the office (and out of the office) this week. We've been preparing for our first event - Spring Harvest which we are looking forward to setting off for this Friday. We have also had a new floor laid in the office (hence the out of the office comment) and Robbie and I have been hauling boxes in and our of our unit with the help of a couple of removal men.

While the floor was being laid Robbie, Liz and I have been working from home. Mostly from Liz's living room! Plus various of the rest of the team have carried on as usual in London.
We are glad to be back in the office today, mounting photos and getting ready to leave for Minehead on Friday.

We are really pleased to have had an article written in the Christian Resource Exhibition' on-line newsletter.

Very exited to be in CRE Buzz.

I'll add a jpeg of the article too in case you can't get to the article through the link above. The office floor looks beautiful and I'll attach one of Liz's photos of it tomorrow! We have a nice picture of her son Jon in the middle of the floor before the furniture went back into the office. Liz, Alec and Robbie are setting off for Minehead on Friday. Plus Jill with a large van full of the screen and lots of boxes for our stand. Then I am going to join them there on Monday. We've booked a cottage in Alcombe right on the edge of Minehead which looks beautiful to stay in for our week.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Spring Fever

Hi all

Maddy here again with another blog update. It's been all go since our last shoot but editing has finally been finished and the next set of films are up on our website. The Production Team are starting their plans for Shoot Four which will probably take place in May (to be confirmed). The Easter films are looking really spectacular, so the hard work and decication from the team has paid off - we hope you'll agree when you watch them.

Robbie (Sales & Marketing Assistant) and Alec (Sales & Marketing Manager) have been working really hard getting the new Easter films up onto our website with the readings and Sunday School materials. They are all now ready to download alongside the films.

Until the next shoot the main thing that our office team is working on are our plans for having a stand at four events this Spring. The first event we will be at is Spring Harvest which takes place in Butlins, Minehead. It starts over Easter weekend and Alec, Liz, Jill, Robbie and I are all going to spend one week at this event. Liz and I are preparing for this at the moment, finalising our display for our stand and making sure we have everything we'll need for the event. We'll be showing our films on a large screen on our stand so if you are planning to attend this event we hope you'll come along and see us.

The second event we are attending is the Christian Resources Exhibition which is held at Sandown Racecourse in Surrey. This event takes place over the 11th to 14th May. I'll blog about this once we have returned from our stand at Spring Harvest. After CRE we are at the Pentecostal Festival which is in central London and then finally we'll be at The Big Church Day Out in Wiston, West Sussex. We will be there over the bank holiday weekend at the end of May. More information to come on all of these events post Spring Harvest.

So far for Spring Harvest we have been printing out shoot photos from our most recent shoot to go up on our stand so people can see the behind the scenes work around a shoot. We also got example Sunday School materials and photos of the crafts that are outlined in the Sunday School lesson plans so you can see the support tools that have been created so far to go alongside the Three Wise Camels versions of the films. We have also mounted our most recent press releases so you can see what is being said about us and the films! We will of course have some DVDs for purchase on the stand, plus details of all of the films that you can download from our website. Plus some cards, notelets and posters which have been created from photos taken on our shoots. I have also been making Three Wise Camels badges of Zac, Becky and Noah that we can give away on our first day at the Spring Harvest event!

We have Zac the camel (pictured) coming to the event with us who will be won by someone lucky who attends the event and leaves their e-mail details in the drop box on our stand - we'll have a box with Zac's picture on our stand for the week plus slips for anyone who would like to leave their details to fill in and drop into the box then at the end of the week we'll draw out a lucky winner who can take Zac home with them - we think you'll agree he's a very desirable camel!

I'll write again before we set off for Spring Harvest with our stand details and then will write from the event an update about the event and what we get up to there.