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We hope you enjoy reading our blog from Big Book Media, we write from our shoots in Morocco where we are currently filming the Gospels. We have been out on three shoots already and the footage is up on our website - We are going on our next shoot shortly so Shoot Four News will be along soon.

In the meantime we have details of what we are doing in the UK between shoots, we have an office in Brighton where the blog comes from when it's not from Ouarzazate - two very different locations!

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Filming the Gospels

Filming the Gospels
The Team in Ouzarzazate, Morocco

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

With our Director and crew back from their recent trip to Israel, we are now knuckling down to the editing and production of our latest project due for release Easter 2011. More details to follow soon!

Other members of our dedicated team also made the journey earlier this week, back to Morocco. Filming is now underway for our exciting new DVD series featuring Andy Frost. Andy will be exploring the life of Jesus, and his life as an everyday man trying to spread the Word. We will be looking at who Jesus REALLY was, and will discover if hundreds of years of storytelling has helped or hindered our understanding of him.

We look forward to giving you more news on this very soon, and will shortly have some pictures uploaded of our trip!

We hope everybody in the U.K has been enjoying the recent winter wonderland, and hope you're all keeping warm. If you have any questions about the latest projects by Big Book Media, we always like to hear from you so please email us at

Best Christmas wishes from the Big Book Media team!

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