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We hope you enjoy reading our blog from Big Book Media, we write from our shoots in Morocco where we are currently filming the Gospels. We have been out on three shoots already and the footage is up on our website - We are going on our next shoot shortly so Shoot Four News will be along soon.

In the meantime we have details of what we are doing in the UK between shoots, we have an office in Brighton where the blog comes from when it's not from Ouarzazate - two very different locations!

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Filming the Gospels

Filming the Gospels
The Team in Ouzarzazate, Morocco

Monday, 27 July 2009

Joe Le Taxi

Hi, my name is Vicky and I am the Production Accountant on the Big Book Media shoot in Morocco. The rest of the team have gone down to Tamougalt to shoot there and I have stayed behind to work on the books, have got plenty to catch up on while it's nice and quiet here.
Charlie the Production Manager rang me today with some jobs to do, It's never quiet for long! I went out with a very helpful taxi driver to run the errands, he spoke no English and very little French so my business French qualification wasn't loads of use for this!! However he was really helpful and went into all the shops with me that I had to go to and helped with the items I needed to get. The roads are really empty here, so it looks fun to drive as there aren't man
y rules! My sun visor needed adjusting at one point so my driver lent over to do it and drove straight over the other side of the road then back again!

Our first
stop on the errands run was Royal Air Maroc where we had to pay for 6 flights for actors who were travelling down for our shoot from Casablanca.

We were then going on to a computer shop to get a lead to connect a PC to a MAC. Neither my taxi driver nor the person at Air Maroc had heard of the shop that we had been told could sell us one of these so Charlie explained over the phone where the shop was to the Air Maroc assistant who translated the information to my taxi driver and we set off!! We still had some trouble finding it but my driver shouted out to all the shops we saw on our way for directions until we finally got there!
One last phone call with Charlie trying to explain to the assistant in the computer shop exactly what we needed and we set off with the lead - hoping it was the right one.
On the way back to Ouzarzazte there was a man in the road who had just dropped a huge watermelon up ahead of us, so we had a man and large red splat of fruit to swerve round which my driver did easily! Then we carried on back to my hotel.

I am staying in a truly lovely hotel called Le Berber Palace in Ouzarzazate
In these pictures you can see the pool lit up at night and the outside of the building - it really was a palace.
My room is a suite with living room so I have the Big Book Media Shoot Office set up there so that Charlie and myself can work on the production admin there.

That's all from me for today.

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